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The following is an account of Peter Sprague’s history with the Aston Martin Car Company, By Peter Sprague, originally reproduced in print as a 3-part series in the Member Magazine of the Aston Martin Owner’s Club of North America.



by Peter Sprague


On Monday, December 30, 1974 people all over England went back to work after their Christmas break. In Newport Pagnell, a small town about an

by:Andrew Bristow - 5 Mar 2020
The Vanquish 25

When renowned car designer Ian Callum retired from JLR earlier this year and launched the new design and engineering firm CALLUM, he set his sights on giving the Vanquish the facelift that he'd always wanted to do.

The CALLUM Vanquish 25 is their first standalone project - the bespoke upgrades will be limited to 25 cars, individually designed for the owner or buyer.

With a £550,000.00 pricetag.... who will go for the upgraded Vanquish?

Some elements of the upgrade are interesting, the engine and suspension upgrades

by:Andrew Bristow - 11 Sep 2019